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Bakery & Viennoiserie

‘Indulge in the art of Bakery with GCBK!’

Bread, baguette, Bagels and Ciabatta, Buns, Submarine Bread, and Tortillas

Experience our mouthwatering range of over 40 types of Bread and 15 Baguette & Bagel categories. From rich buttery bread, the finest multigrain one, to the fluffiest brioche loaves with European and Healthy Options, we’ve got your cravings covered.”


from Buttery croissants to cheese to chocolate-filled we craft this top sold item!


Indulge in GCBK's Sandwich Extravaganza and Elevate Your Culinary Experience!"

At Grand Central Bakery & Kitchen, we’ve mastered the art of sandwich-making with over 100 mouthwatering options.

Whether you’re in the mood for the satisfying crunch of wraps, the classic comfort of club sandwiches, or the simplicity of regular favorites, we’ve got you covered. Elevate your sandwich experience with GCBK’s diverse and delicious selection!


"Dive into our refreshing Greens and Colorful Creations!"

Taste the farm-to-table ingredients!

From the classic Greek salad to the famous Caesar salad, and vibrant Rocca one, our green section is a treasure of international flavors.

And for sure Our Bursting Sweetness fruit salads!

Hot Kitchen

‘Where we ignite flavors from all around the world!’

From the enchanting Middle Eastern aromas of Arabic, & Qatari dishes to the vibrant diversity of Asian Cuisine with its Indian, Thai, Filipino & Chinese cuisine. Travel to Europe with the exquisite tastes of Italian & French cuisine and savor the diverse flavors of both Americas.Taste the world with us.


“Indulge in GCBK’s Pastry Paradise”

Using GCBK’S Premium Ingredients we do A Symphony of Irresistible Cakes, Tarts, Donuts, Danishes, Cookies, Muffins, Macarons and Eclairs!